🌬 Clearing your sinuses without a neti pot: Alternate Nostril Breathing – Nadi Shodhana

When the pressure builds up in your head and coincidentally so do your thoughts, use this simple breath practice to clear your congestion.


➡️ Make a hang ten shape with your right hand 🤙

⬆️ Press your thumb onto your right nostril as you breath into your left nostril for 7 seconds

⬇️ At the peak of your inhalation, switch your pinky to press onto your left nostril as you slowly exhale from your right nostril for 7 seconds.

⬆️ After expelling all the air in your lungs, keep your pinky in place and breath in through your right nostril for another 7 seconds


⬇️ Switch! Thumb to right nostril. Breath out left nostril.

⬆️ Restart by breathing in through your left nostril.

🔃 Repeat 2+ times

🌬 After, breath normally through your nose and feel the swirling space in your sinuses.


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📸 Photography: @mathew.younger

🏷 Bracelets: @will2wow_jewelry