1k IG Giveaway

Let’s Celebrate!

To celebrate an upcoming 1k edgie followers, I’m hosting weekly giveaways to share some of my favorite brands with you!

Throughout this summer, you’ll have a chance to win prizes from up and coming products that embody the mission of my blog which is to empower adventurers to live outside the box and on the edge.


My goal is to create synergy between soul searching students like you and purpose powered products that promote positivity and passion.

How to Win

Here’s how you can enter each giveaway:

🎁 ❀ & πŸ’¬ to enter 🎁 Tag 3 friends πŸ’ž for bonus points
🎁 Follow the brand and @box_edge🀳 for notification of winnings!



What would you like to win?
1) Glass Straw
2) Hanging prayer branch art
3) Healing gemstone bracelet
4) Empowered workout gear
5) Air plant decor
6) Natural deodorant
7) Handpainted art print
8) Fruits and veggies in a capsule
9) Energetic tea
10) Ridiculously motivating deck