Accepting Help from Others – Me vs. We

Journey Journal

Short reflections on lessons from my life experience.


“When ‘I’ is replaced with ‘We’, even ‘Illness’ becomes ‘Wellness’.”
– Malcolm X


This is one of the biggest life lessons I’ve learned about love and also about life. When I hit rock bottom a few years ago and felt like I absolutely could not go on and didn’t even want to, the only thing that kept me alive were the loving people around me. Had I not taken a full blown trust fall and accepted the communal caring of those who wanted to see me survive and thrive, I would not be present in this life as we speak. I’m quiet about my past sometimes because it’s a place I hope to never visit, but forget about how incredibly important it was for me to become vulnerable and transparent to the world about my feelings so that they could pass while I stayed present.


Have u ever said to yourself, “what is wrong with me?”

Or “why is this happening to me?”


How about asking yourself and those around you,

“How can we get through this?” There's More To you Than You Think

Who is the “we” in your life? Tag them all below and share your appreciation for them having your back! 👇


Now that you know this, do you feel like you know more about yourself? 🤔💭


Do you feel this characteristic is part of you? Or do you feel this is another layer you have discovered separate from your inner self?


Take a moment to close your eyes and internalize this one.


Now, observe the you that is observing. 👀


#MindBlown right? Let it go.


🔖 Graphic credit: Blend of Loving Energies


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