All I want for Christmas is to take a hike – Honeymoon Island

Journey Journal

Short reflections on lessons from my life experience.

All I wanted this Christmas was to feel my life moving forward again… so I took a hike.

During my walking meditation, many things became clear to me that had me curious for quite some time. Why do I feel “stuck” even though others say I appear to always be on an adventure? How had I let myself go even though my body craves outdoor activities? When will my wanderlust dreams manifest into a reality? Who am I and why do I feel so “special”? After breathing in the fresh air from the pine lined trails and allowing myself to ground into the answers of these dilemmas, I realized they all boil down to my fears of actually getting what I want and my bad habits of sabotaging my chances of success due to an engrained feeling of unworthiness.


The more I recognize my opportunities to make my dreams come true and see how simple life can be if I allow it, the flood of questions at the beginning of my hike trickle down to a couple of prioritized blockages to ponder. What do I want so bad that it’s hard to believe? How am I preventing myself from doing these things? And what can I continue doing that’ll help me build up the escape velocity to enter a new cycle of life?

After today’s refreshing and rejuvenating self check-in, I believe I’m ready for my next chapter of traveling to beautiful and inspiring locations by teaching what comes natural to me but can be difficult for others. The lessons I share with my local yoga students and life coaching clients fuel my fire to help more and more people and have become my foundation to flowing intuitively through this adventure called life.

With that said, if you are looking for help with balancing your brain and body, reach out to me bc I’m now accepting new clients to teach online and would love to have you along on this journey. ✌ There's More To you Than You Think




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