Before you were a woman … (A Bleeding Heart Poem)

Do you remember those days so very long ago before you became dazed?

You would run in the fields, filthy and free. You would dream and plot what one day you would be.

Your underwear were comfy and your shoes had wiggle room. You would stop to pick every flower and smell it’s sweet perfume.

You would share snacks with your friends and they would whisper secrets in your ear. Your messages to those you admired always started with “Dear…”

Then one day you felt different, it felt scary, weird, and gross. You were sent to the nurses office due to a large amount of blood loss.

You were now a woman; you had started your period. With an event this momentus, why was everyone acting so odd?

Your mother gave you the quick and dirty while your father attempted to be oblivious. You suddenly felt like this womanhood thing might be quite a mess.

Fat and hair started growing in lots of new places. Some got the boys attention while the girls gave you their rbf-faces.

You started wearing makeup because it seemed like what you were supposed to do. Then you started noticing all these things wrong with your body, out of the blue.

Your life kept changing so fast, it was hard to keep up the pace. So you learned how to put on your “I’m alright, I’m fine. Really.” -face.

Now you’re just a woman trying to fit in with the rest. What happened to that unique little girl who dreamed of being her best?

Thank you for being patient with me as I continue to use this blog to find myself and then share with you how I did so. I appreciate you encouraging me to be me even when I feel the currents are pushing me in other directions. My intention is always to share from my heart and this little poem came from a deep place. You can thank my raging hormones for that since it’s my moon week. 😜