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A City of Lights and Peace – #PrayforParis

Ten years ago, I visited the city of lights. Though the art, history, and architecture were amazing, the most fascinating thing was the friendly people!  I was so grateful because I had only learned the basic French words (colors, numbers, food, etc) and was terrible at pronouncing them. Everywhere we visited,  I attempted to point,  […]

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Cast out fears, allow positive thoughts in

Had such a lovely afternoon learning more yoga,  practicing old favorites and attempting to calm my mind.  Each day,  I get closer and closer to doing what I’m meant to do. But each day I have to face the fears that are trapped inside of me.  As I learned much about opening my hips for […]

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Yes To Haul – Natural Beauty Supplies

I never thought I’d be one of those bloggers posting about my shopping “hauls” since I’m not really a big shopper but when it comes to grocery shopping,  I tend to spend way to much time finding all the goodies!  After getting my essential oils kit the other day,  I realized I needed a glass […]

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