What’s Your Number? Enneagram Personality Test

After 2 years of personal development practices shared with me from the leaders of my side hustle business, I went from thinking I was a 4W5 to now seeing my true nature as a 1 with a strong 2 wing! 😮 Whoa! Mic drop! 🎙 Maybe this is why I’ve felt so lost and unsure of how to tap into my greatness bc I didn’t fully understand myself! Chances are, I still have a lot to learn, but thankfully I feel equipped with the support system to guide me along the way.

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Learning Cycles and Styles – KLSI 5.0

Considering I take about 20x more time to write a social media post compared to my friends and tend to over think everything due to my weak gallbladder chi, I feel it’s agreeable that I learn by thinking, analyzing, then reflecting.

According to the KLSI 5.0 quick quiz linked below, I’m a “theorist”.

Theorists like to think through problems in a logical manner.
They value rationality and objectivity, and like to assimilate disparate facts into coherent theories.
They are disciplined, aiming to fit things into a rational order.
They are often keen on basic assumptions, principles, theories, models and systems thinking.

What are you? Take the Quiz on http://www.emtrain.eu/learning-styles/

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Accepting Help from Others – Me vs. We

Journey Journal Short reflections on lessons from my life experience.   “When ‘I’ is replaced with ‘We’, even ‘Illness’ becomes ‘Wellness’.” – Malcolm X   This is one of the biggest life lessons I’ve learned about love and also about life. When I hit rock bottom a few years ago and felt like I absolutely […]

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Securely Detaching – Attachment Styles

Journey Journal Short reflections on lessons from my life experience. Learn something? Share with a friend below! 👇   Ever since discovering my anxious attatchment style, I try to be aware of how it affects others and myself. I do my best to emulate the secure people in my life when I feel my anxiety […]

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