Standing Split / Urdhva Prasarita Eka Padasana Challenge on Periscope

Standing Split / Urdhva Prasarita Eka Padasana
From either a Forward Fold or Warrior 3, press your hands down onto the ground on both sides of your standing foot and melt your torso down the front of ur thigh as you lift the back leg.

Keep your hips square to the floor and your back knee and toe facing the ground. Your leg will not go quite as high as ig ur hip was turned out but will help increase your leg flexibility in the long run.

If balancing in this pose makes you tense, try it up a door frame. From a three legged dog push your bottom leg heel up against a door frame and slide the top of ur lifted leg foot against the door frame. Keeping your hips square and ur base leg not hyper extended, push your hips closer and closer to the frame to allow ur foot to slide higher and higher into a split.

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Half Split / Ardha Hanumanasana Challenge on Periscope

Ever find yourself stretching and think to yourself, “wish I just had someone to push on my back to really help me stretch”? Well this week is the week to find a friend to give you a hand as our theme is Monkey See, Monkey Do! Did you try today’s challenge from Persicope? If not, check it out below to get an uber hamstring stretch!

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