#30DYC Day 23 – Cobbler – Baddha Konasana

#30DYC Day 23 – Cobbler – Baddha Konasana So many different yogis reminded me of a vital portion of yoga this week 👉 #BeNotDo 👈 Today, I am living in the moment accepting my self, my life, my purpose, and just surrenderring to the universe.🌌 What is is, and what is not never has or ever will be. There is just now.

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#30DYC Day 22 – Rabbit Pose- Sasangasana

#30DYC Day 22 – Rabbit – Sasangasana I actually first learned this pose just weeks ago from Dashama on Periscope! It’s funny because I do this on my bed all the time to stretch out my neck but never knew it was a yoga posture that could actually make you taller! When my shoulders are tight, I like to interlace my hands and let my arms sink down behind me. I didn’t know to pull the heels with the hands so I will try that next time 😉

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Twist & Flow Yoga

#MoveBreatheBe Final Day – Twist & Flow Yoga I can’t believe this challenge has come to an end 😢 I’ve learned so much from the hostesses and my practice is stronger than ever because of them! If you haven’t already downloaded the free helpful PDF on PeriscopeYogaChallenge.com yet, u need to! THANK U LADIES FOR BEING MY TEACHERS!

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