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“This is how memories are made… by going with the flow.”
-Amanda Bynes



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When the fluidity of life seems to be blocked, flush out the barriers and facilitate free-flowing frameworks.


This photo with my cat Dante was from a spur of the moment sail on my boat which had not been moved from the marina since hurricane Irma! Many fears had built up barriers in my mind but the moment I faced these fears and started my engine, it was one of the smoothest days on the water that I had ever had.


What’s incredible is how much that block in my mind was also blocking other situations in my life! Because I faced my fear, my mind became crystal clear on my intentions of moving back to land. Within the next week, I had found a place to move and have been building up the infrastructure in my business to make it happen ever since! Incredible, right!?! That little block held so much weight over my life!



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This idea is also very applicable to our physical health. Today, I took Dante to the Bayshore Animal Hospital due to a UTI causing blockage in his bladder. He had been having problems all week with his urination and I applied just about every remedy I could think of to heal it. Though these holistic methods helped ease his pain and almost cleared his infection, it was time to call in reinforcements to drain his bladder and clear out the crystals causing the problem.


Once he’s back home, we will be working with a holistic dietician to create a prescription meal to prevent future blockages and ensure healthy habits. Reminds me of what I had to do when first tackling my health problems and making one simple change at a time. 🤔


Fun Fact: Cranberry is an Excellent Remedy for UTIs


Cranberry has long been used to address UTI’s and is recommended by many doctors. Multiple studies have found that cranberry was as effective as antibiotics, and produced no side effects.


🔖Resources: “10 Shocking Facts About Urinary Tract Infections”


📍 Location: S/V Remedy, Tampa Bay, FL


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