I Am Enough #TagTuesday

“A single sunbeam is enough to drive away many shadows.”
– Francis of Assisi

After a riveting conference in Dallas this weekend, I came back to my boat ready to conquer the world (and travel it too). My motivation is through the roof and my thirst for success overwhelming. But as I sat down today to be the best entrepreneur I could be, I found myself completely paralyzed and utterly lost in where to begin my mastermind plan to inspire others across the globe.
So for about an hour, I sat with it and felt the pain of not knowing what to do or where to go to get this show on the road. I witnessed my mind tear me apart and give me every reason to quit following my heart and “get a job already”. But that’s not going to fix this issue, is it? I have found over time, that most of the people I meet use their job as a crutch for when they fail to follow their wildest dreams and live a life they love. So why is it that even after I have done the exact opposite of most people, I’m still beating myself up inside? Because I have made a habit of thinking there’s always more and better things to do. In other words, I’ve never truly believed “I am enough.” This ah ha moment came to me when I met a new friend, Nickie, this weekend in Texas and she had “I am enough” tattooed on her arm. She was experiencing the same situation and decided to force herself to remember she is enough by having it in front of her face every day.
I’m starting to realize that my business is so much more simple than I keep trying to make it. I feel so grateful to be able to coach others through their life and connect them with the resources they desperately need. That’s seriously enough to keep me busy for a lifetime! It is just a matter of me reminding myself that what I am is enough and allowing the rest to fall into place.
I feel ready to open myself to new clients to teach now that I feel full from the inside. What is it that you do that you can accept as enough?
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