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Based on the Four Tendencies, I am an Obliger… which means, even though I love creating helpful tools based on my own life experiences and what Google says is currently “trending” in the self development realm, I tend to rock peoples’ socks off when I have someone requesting help in a certain area of life.

Hopefully, you have something you want to work on and are open to an outside perspective on getting it done quickly, efficiently, and fun-ly(?)!

I can create strategies for just about anything given the need for structure and guidance.

If you’re curious how I came about this life calling and rather freeform business structure, here’s a few examples from my past that made it clear.

  • Let’s start way back. When I was preparing for high school, I was nervous about the upcoming school dances because I didn’t know how to dance. So, I tried out for the dance team. In the process, my life long nemesis also decided to try out but was struggling with the memorization process and coordination of the steps. I begrudgingly took on the task of coaching her each day after school, partially beacuse I wanted a partner to go through the moves with but also because I tend to learn via teaching. We both made the team!
  • In college, my boyfriend at the time was training for a body building contest and he needed a system in place to keep him on track for maximizing his performance. Together, we created time tables of when to eat what foods, which days to workout each muscle group and I even helped him choreograph his stage performance which made me think of the time I helped that girl in high school (except his outfit was skimpier!)
  • For my internship at the end of my degree, I worked at a 5 Star Hotel and Grille in the busy baquet department. If you have ever watched any wedding planning show and had your jaw drop at all of the ridiculous details that go into putting on a spectacular production, this was pretty much my life the whole time I worked there. However, I am all about making my life easier by making others life easier as well.  So I created forms for each area of the event planning process that ensured we covered each and every details that could potentially become a disaster if not discussed ahead of time. This allowed for budgets to be respected, time to be honored and for both sides of the kitchen door to be full of fun loving people rather than miserable miscommunicating people.
  • Once I was on my own and on a new course of finding myself in my twenties, the allure of pole dancing pulled me in and I went full swing into the art and the athleticism of the taboo activity.  After a year of conquering each of my goals and leveled up in each of my classes, I opened my own studio to share my passion with other women in my area.  Over the course of 2 years, I worked with thousands of women with short term weekend goals (usually bachelorette parties who just wanted a photo with their leg wrapped around the chrome) to long term goals of competing in the national circuit or performing at local art shows such as Tampa Bay’s infamous Nude Night.  In each of these experiences, I listened for what my clients were wanting to get out of their efforts and I found creative and unique ways to helpe them make it happen.  To this day, I have only had positive feedback on the effectiveness of my efforts of empowering women in that business.

Fast forward to today and here we are. I have embraced the value of working from anywhere while still coaching women (and men) on how to enact change in their hectic and busy lives.

Every week, I work with students who have varying needs and an array of setbacks that they want to get past in order to love their life again.

By guiding my students to manageable checkpoints in their day, week, or month, I have seen rapid and robust changes ensue that sometimes I couldn’t even see coming! I’ve helped countless yogis attain their dreams of flipping upside down, I’ve walked beside many others through the tough days toward divorce, and I’ve guided countless others to the necessary rituals of living a life by design.

I feel, if you can dream it, you can do it.

What You Can Plan On Happening

We will connect on the phone for 30 minutes

Brief Introduction

You state your Mission

We discuss your Vision

You define your Values

We determine a Personalized Development Plan

You Will Share Your Story on a Simple Survey

Give a little Background

Share some of your Struggles

Enlighten me on what keeps you Inspired

Get clear on your Objectives

Define your wildest Aspirations

We Will Implement a Plan of Action

You will analyze your Daily Habits

We will check in on your Weekly Objective

You will track your Monthly Marker

We can continue as you conquer your Long Term Aspirations

You will receive Motivational Material to Spark Movement

Famous Quotes

Inspirational Cards

Meditative Mantras

Fun Quizzes

Viral Videos

Subliminal Messaging Music

We will use Tools to Transform You

Breakthrough Books

Productive Products

Referral Services

Essential Oils

Charged Crystals

Movement Asana

Life Force Breathwork

Analytical Charts

Plenty of Printouts

Why Working with Me is Better than Working On Your Own

Simplified Searching

You get to just show up and do the work rather than search for the answer.

2 Focused on 1

You pick and choose which method makes sense for you.

Time Freedom

Do it at whatever pace makes sense for you and start fresh with the next subject when you’re ready.

Location Freedom

Everything is accessible online and communication is available from anywhere.

Multi Purpose

We can work on many different areas, which means:

you don’t have to hunt down multiple coaches for each area of your life.

You Can Reap These Benefits Immediately

Simplified Life Hacks

I’ve dedicated my entire life to understanding what makes us tick, how to adjust the ways we do stuff and what methods allow us to quickly get where we want.

Fortunately, I will be like the nerd who studied for the test that you didn’t have time to prepare for and you can look over my shoulder for the answers.

Save Time and Money

I have invested thousands of dollars in programs from all walks of life to become the best guide I can be and in turn many hours, days, months, and even years of my life have been spent researching, analyzing, and then practicing perfecting the art of getting what I want.

Luckily, you are smart enough to delegate that work to get the bottom line faster and cheaper.

Be Held Accountable

I can promise you that I will not do the work for you and I will not hold your hand as you do the work yourself.

However, I will encourage you each time you feel like giving up and will motivate you each time you have fallen off the wagon.

Bigger Picture Perspective

I have become obsessed with observing peoples’ reactions to things in life over the years and I can see how it has much to do with the value of an outside perspective. You may see roadblocks on the path ahead of you, but from my angle, I can see the detours available to get you where you want to go.

Introductory Specials

30 Minute Connection Call


Contact to Book

Social Media Personal Profile Assessment


Coming Soon – Contact to Get Notified

Daily Habits Download

$33 per PDF


Weekly Objective Worksheets

$88 per week

5 Day Calendar Worksheet with Daily Challenges
*Emailed at the Beginning of Each Week
1 Hour Check-in Call

Monthly Mission Milestones

$333 per month

4 Weekly Email Calendar Challenges with Methodical Daily Habits
4 Weekly Check-in Calls
Unlimited Q&A Messaging

Long Term Aspirations

$777 investment

6 Monthly Marker Calendars with Habits Geared Toward Your Overall Objective
Weekly Check-in Calls for First 6 Months
Progress Report Tracking Worksheets
Unlimited Q&A Messaging for First 6 Months
+Lifetime access to all downloadable worksheets, videos, and audio tools on this site other than specialty “courses”

to get started

Special Programs


Shred 10

$300/month (4 months minimum)

10 Day Jumpstart Program to Healthier Habits

Healthy Living Revolution

Pricing Varies

One Simple Change
to Bridge the Gap of What you Should Be Eating to What You Are Eating

Freedom Revolution

$50 Yearly Investment

Adding more options to your life


Sun Salutations

Root & Release

Happy Hamstrings

Quads & Balance

Hopeful Hips

Core Confidence

Chest & Change

Stress & Shoulders

Neck & Nuances

Length & Strength

Chill Out

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