My name is Lisa and I am a life guide.

My mission is to guide spirited adventurers to their innate edge of living life outside the box.

My vision is to connect adventrurous men and women charged for change to holistic remedies by simplifying the struggles along their instinctual path to a lifestyle synchronous with their deeper purpose.

In the past, I felt overwhelmed by the abundance of options in life and constantly worried about missing out if I boxed myself in and rooted too deeply into anything. Over time, I realized I needed help in nurturing my intuition so that my inner voice could lead me to my final destination: my destiny.

Growing up, I was taught to fend for myself. I remember many times as a child when I would feel distraught and needed my mother to comfort me. She would usually work late into the night toward her goals and often needed naps to just keep going. These times when I needed love, someone to hug me and tell me “it’ll all be ok”, I recall my father stepping in front of the door and saying “she needs rest, why don’t you leave her alone.” Instead of attending to my cry for help and offering that rock for me to lean on so I could regroup and get back at it again, he would shoo me away to go figure it out myself. I would try to distract myself with tv, games, or other nonsense but all the while stewed in my constant state of distress. I adapted by learning to only rely on myself to figure things out when I was feeling shitty. I felt it was my responsibility to be independent and strong and found ways of silencing my deep sense of despair. I still struggle with over thinking every problem in my life and have a habit of closing myself off to the world when I’m feeling my worst.

However, this “do it myself” mentality is not what makes me tick. The alone and terrified me inside just wants someone to sit there with me and listen. Someone to lean into and tell me “it’s all good, you’re going to get through this”. I feel the greatest gift anyone can even offer to me at this point is a conversation which guides me to finding my inner strength when I am feeling weak. It took a lot of work to learn how to trust others to be there for me because I’ve been conditioned to feel like a burden any time I need a hand. I’ve tried everything to “be strong” and “be brave” and to “just get through it” but have found its also just as natural and necessary for me to “be vulnerable” and ask for those I trust to simply be there for me.

Together, we will get through this, I’m here to hold your hand along the way.

I will lead you by listening to your needs and offering you structure and advice in the most caring and gentle way possible. I can guide you through a wanderful path once unknown to me too but easier with an accountability partner to help light the way to the dark recesses of your inner awareness. I feel incredibly charged with love and compassion for the men and women in my inner circle who have also taken this journey and am so happy to be able to simply support them when they need a shoulder to lean on.

“Box Edge” is for those looking to live life outside the box and on the edge.

Pike Boat Pose BoxEdge.org

Here are a few other fun facts about me:

🔘 Recovering perfectionist

🔘 Love fitness activities that allow me to make fun shapes

🔘 Introverted poet

🔘 Enviromentally conscious tech nerd

🔘 Student via teaching

🔘 Cuddly creative

🔘 Honest entrepreneur

Mountain Pose - Tadasana at Canaveral National Seashore

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