At the beginning of my 20s, I was at a point in my life where my body was very fit and flexible, but my mind felt like a roller coaster of thoughts and emotions. When I found yoga, I initially hated it because I would always fall on my face during side plank 🤣 #TrueStory. But over time, I felt intrigued by the physical postures posted all over Instagram and figured I could at least try one pose every day for shits and giggles. 😜 After years of evolving my practice, I have found yoga to be so much more than just those daily postures I take pics of to post on the internet. I feel a deeper connection to my body, an innate ability to quiet my mind and an overall sense of wellbeing and happiness when I practice regularly.

My practice may have started out as just another thing for me to fill my time on social media with, but coincidentally, I found a community of like minded people who feel just as passionate about living life to the fullest and finding that internal happiness which can only be discovered through self development practices. My passion for helping people live life outside the box and on the edge drives my teachings and fuels my mission to provide others with the tools needed along their own journey of self discovery and acceptance. I’ve dedicated my time and energy to collaborate with yogis around the globe to curate a database of resources and wisdom for my clients as I provide tailored practices for them as they find their path in yoga.


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