Half Moon – Ardha Candrāsana

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Half Moon

ૐ Ardha Candrāsana ૐ 

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Preparation Poses


  • Low blood pressure

  • Vertigo

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Quick Tips

  • From Triangle Pose, lunge weight forward to balance on front foot keeping the greater trochanter pulling back and the inner thigh inward.

  • Place the low arm hand on floor below shoulder and outside the lane of front foot. Extend arms wide to spread collar bones.

  • Lengthen from bottom of lifted leg through spine and neck. Keep side of thigh lifted and belly button facing out.



“Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.”




Progress Pics



  • Lead greater trochanter back with thumb while stabilizing other hip with free hand.

  • Align head with spine.

  • Rotate less and lengthen if floating ribs are flaring and opposite side is collapsing.

  • Bend base leg knee slightly to aim toward center of front foot if hyperextending.

One Love



  • Press top arm flat against side body.

  • Rotate head to face sky.


  • Two blocks: Place two blocks in front of balancing foot on both sides to add stability with both arms.

  • Bar: Tilt into Half Moon pose while holding onto low bar in front of belly button.

  • Wall: Press bottom of lifted foot against wall for added stability.

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