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Preparation Poses

  • Mountain – Tadasana

  • Cobra – Bhujangasana


  • Pregnancy

  • Neck injury

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Quick Tips

  • Lay face down on your mat with your head resting on your hands.

  • Straighten the legs and press the tops of the feet into the mat while allowing the outsides of the hips to sink into the floor.

  • Engage the psoas by pulling the pubic bone toward the belly button and slowly lift the head off the floor by floating the chest up.



“Idleness of the mind is much worse than that of the body: wit, without employment, is a disease – the rust of the soul, a plague, a hell itself.”

-Samuel Smiles



Progress Pics



  • Guide greater trochanter toward floor if legs are turning out.

  • If chin is jutting out, align back of skull with spine.

One Love



  • Lift the hands with the head

  • Extend arms out to side

  • Bind hands behind back


  • Blanket: Place under forehead and focus on engaging legs and psoas

  • Partner: Place blanket over feet and press fists into partners soles to encourage grounding the legs

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