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ૐ Trikonasana ૐ 

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Preparation Poses


  • Low blood pressure

  • Vertigo

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Quick Tips

  • From Star Pose, lift right toes and rotate 90 degrees to face front of mat. Then lift left heel and rotate foot 45 degrees back so that right heel and left ankle align.

  • Keep both legs straight as you pull your right sit bone toward the left heel and the right inner thigh forward.  The left hip may rotate forward.

  • With your spine lengthened, hinge at the hips to reach your right hand to your right shin. Rotate to face the sky if comfortable.



“The state of minds vary according to the angle under which one examines them.”

-Ella Maillart



Progress Pics



  • Lead greater trochanter back with thumb while stabilizing other hip with free hand.

  • Align head with spine.

  • Rotate less and lengthen if floating ribs are flaring and opposite side is collapsing.

  • Bend front knee slightly to aim toward center of front foot if hyperextending.

One Love



  • Rotate from base of spine up through the neck to face sky.

  • Bind right arm in front of thigh and under to hold left hand behind back.


  • Top arm can press down flat along side.

  • Block: Place block behind front leg.

  • Chair: Place chair in front of star pose and use back of chair to gently hinge to side.

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