Learning Cycles and Styles – KLSI 5.0

Lessons of Life

Concepts that clarify the complicated crap.

Considering I take about 20x more time to write a social media post compared to my friends and tend to over think everything due to my weak gallbladder chi, I feel it’s agreeable that I learn by thinking, analyzing, then reflecting.

According to the KLSI 5.0 quick quiz linked below, I’m a “theorist“.

  • Theorists like to think through problems in a logical manner.
  • They value rationality and objectivity, and like to assimilate disparate facts into coherent theories.
  • They are disciplined, aiming to fit things into a rational order.
  • They are often keen on basic assumptions, principles, theories, models and systems thinking.


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Now that you know this, do you feel like you know more about yourself? 🤔💭


Do you feel this characteristic is part of you? Or do you feel this is another layer you have discovered separate from your inner self?


Take a moment to close your eyes and internalize this one.


Now, observe the you that is observing. 👀


#MindBlown right? Let it go.


🔖 Graphic credit: http://www.experientiallearninginstitute.org/resources-2/learning-cycles-and-styles/


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