Marveling over these infinite stones? 👑

🍿 After enjoying a $5 Stubz night watching the new Avengers movie, I took a long time reflecting on the super intense take aways.

My Stream of Consciousness Meditation:


💎 Thanos symbolizes an ancient god of death (or shall we say the taker of life)


💎 But in order to take lives easily, he must possess all of the infinity stones


💎 The infinity stones were previously called “soul stones”


💎 The soul stones equally energize each other through an infinity loop


💎 The color flow of this loop is representative of many other symbolic energy charts such as the rainbow, chakras, or fengshui bagua 🌈 #RoyGBiv


💎 These gems represent elements within us all.

🎬 Take away from this monumental movie:

Our pursuit for longevity of life is greatly affected by how much we energize our soul and keep each of these stones shining brightly. If one should dim in our journey, we should engage all forces within us to fight the battle against losing our light.


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🔖 Graphic credit: @teepublic