Monkey Split / Hanumanasana Challenge on Periscope

#MonkeySplitsGoneBananasDay 20: Monkey Split / Hanumanasana

We’re almost wrapped up with this challenge and I’ve suggested you practice the See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil method throughout this challenge. How has it affected your yoga? 

  • From half front split, begin to slide your front foot forward. Keep your foot directly in front of your hip and your knee and toes facing up.

  • Place a blanket under the back knee if needed and ensure the back foot doesn’t dodge into another lane. Keep it directly behind your back knee and tuck the toes under for added support.

  • Use all of the previous poses in this challenge as a warm up for your splits. It’s amazing what a difference a good warm up can do for your flexibility! And most of all, have fun and monkey around with it! 


#MonkeySplitsGoneBananas Yoga Challenge

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