Red sky at night, sailors delight. 🌅

Fun Fact: A red sky suggests an atmosphere loaded with dust and moisture particles. We see the red, because red wavelengths (the longest in the color spectrum) are breaking through the atmosphere.   When we see a red sky at night, this means that the setting sun is sending its light through a high concentration […]

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How my mom taught me to think outside the box and live on the edge.

🐢 She encouraged me to go camping, shoot arrows, fish, and do other outdoorsy things with the boy scouts
🐢 My mom taught me how to memorize the *boring* past presidents and capital cities by making up ridiculous stories using word play such as how the big washing machine was full of water atoms (Washington ➡️ Adams)
🐢 She would dance… anywhere… with anyone *embarrassing* but showed me how to do what I love no matter how crazy you look (she still does this btw)
🐢 My mom, brother and I would watch Star Trek every night and dream into deep space
🐢 She took us to new parks to explore each week and just about every sight seeing spot within the range of a tank of gas
🐢 When my mom caught me talking to my pet fish or waddling around with my imaginary pet duck, she encouraged my creative conversations (and to put the fish back into the water)
🐢 She helped me build a fort house and then twenty-something years later let me live in a bigger fort house in the back yard (to make up for my dog taking over the small one) 🐢 My mom let me transition through about 10 different personality types in 10 years without trying to change me (though sometimes she told me to change my attitude) 

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Why the yellow leaf? 🍂

Fun Fact:
Red mangrove trees are salt excluders. They have specialized roots that prop them out of the salt water. They keep salt out of their systems through root filtration. Any salt that does get into the system of this tree species is sent to sacrificial leaves.

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What’s Your Number? Enneagram Personality Test

After 2 years of personal development practices shared with me from the leaders of my side hustle business, I went from thinking I was a 4W5 to now seeing my true nature as a 1 with a strong 2 wing! 😮 Whoa! Mic drop! 🎙 Maybe this is why I’ve felt so lost and unsure of how to tap into my greatness bc I didn’t fully understand myself! Chances are, I still have a lot to learn, but thankfully I feel equipped with the support system to guide me along the way.

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Thank u for being u! If we haven’t met, read 👉 this

My name is Lisa and I am a life guide. 

My mission is to guide spirited adventurers to their innate edge of living life outside the box.

My vision is to connect adventrurous men and women charged for change to holistic remedies by simplifying the struggles along their instinctual path to a lifestyle synchronous with their deeper purpose. 


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“Happiness is a butterfly, which when pursued, is always just beyond your grasp, but which, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you.” -Nathaniel Hawthorne

When I feel intense change happening in my life, I tend to cocoon within myself feeding my soul until I feel renewed to fly free. 
Fun Fact: Butterflies symbolize transformation, cycles, growth, grace, the soul, perspectives, joy, renewal, manifestation, and more.
Are you still the caterpillar? 

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1k IG Giveaway

🥁 1k Giveaway Starts today!
To celebrate an upcoming 1k edgie followers, I’m hosting weekly giveaways to share some of my favorite brands with you!

Throughout this summer, you’ll have a chance to win prizes from up and coming products that embody the mission of my blog which is to empower adventurers to live outside the box and on the edge.

My goal is to create synergy between soul searching students like you and purpose powered products that promote positivity and passion.

Here’s how you can enter each giveaway:
🎁 ❤ & 💬 to enter on IG
🎁 Tag 3 friends 💞 for bonus points
🎁 Follow the brand and @box_edge🤳 for notification of winnings!

What would you like to win?
1) Glass Straw
2) Hanging prayer branch art
3) Healing gemstone bracelet
4) Empowered workout gear
5) Air plant decor
6) Natural deodorant
7) Handpainted art print
8) Fruits and veggies in a capsule
9) Energetic tea
10) Ridiculously motivating deck

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