Pyramid Pose / Parsvottanasana Challenge on Periscope

#MonkeySplitsGoneBananasDay 10: Pyramid Pose / Parsvottanasana

Today was “ut” (intense)! Did you get a good “tan” (stretch) during today’s #MonkeySplitsGoneBananas challenge pose on Periscope? Did you see what I did there? If you have no idea why I am speaking in sanskrit code then you need to watch this video!

Download Mobile Tutorial for Pyramid Pose Here!

  •  From Warrior 1, straighten the front leg. Keep the back foot pointed 45 degress and front foot directly ahead while squaring your hips to the top of your mat.

  • Take a deep breath in to elongate your body before exhaling and folding over at your hips lowering your chest toward your front thigh.

  • If you have a tendency to round the back on these folds, you can wrap your arms behind your back in reverse prayer hands to ensure your posture is not giving in to the temptation of headbutting your knee!



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