Reversing Roles

After 3 years of focusing on feeding my soul and regenerating my body, my simple schedule is about to shift, again!

I will be going back to work full time as an executive assistant at a large consulting firm in St. Pete. Though I am thrilled to test my skills of self care and balance in a familiar environment that I was unprepared for in my past, it is bittersweet to say goodbye to my morning students that have encouraged me along the way to grow into a better version of myself.


One thing that has helped me feel confident that this change is in the right direction was speaking to the new instructor for Wednesday mornings at AFDTSP, Allison.  She is so sweet and incredibly intelligent in the realm of yoga.  Based on my conversation with her about her vision of what’s to come, here’s what you can expect:

About Allison

Allison recently moved to St. Pete to follow her passion of teaching others about the path of yoga.  She escaped the stress of busy-ness in the business world and traded it for a more intentional route of teaching others methods that helped her align her purpose and passion.

  • Passionate and encouraging energy for yoga
  • Effective communication of the whys of each pose
  • Provides personalized modifications 
  • “I don’t know everything, so this will be a learning experience for me as well”
  • Teaching habitual methods
  • Used to traditional props
  • Moving out of my comfort zone
  • Designing a personalized class that fits students needs/wants and my skills/expertise
  • To gain a deeper understanding of anatomy through the various body types at the gym
  • Keeping things fresh
  • Continually serving students needs
  • Focusing on why I started teaching in the first place

Final Gentle Yoga 10/10

I will be teaching my final Gentle Yoga class at Anytime Fitness DTSP this Wednesday, October 10. We will welcome Allison at the end of class as she will be leading our meditation.

New Schedule

To see my new schedule for group classes and one-on-one instruction, please click below!