How my mom taught me to think outside the box and live on the edge.

🐒 She encouraged me to go camping, shoot arrows, fish, and do other outdoorsy things with the boy scouts
🐒 My mom taught me how to memorize the *boring* past presidents and capital cities by making up ridiculous stories using word play such as how the big washing machine was full of water atoms (Washington ➑️ Adams)
🐒 She would dance… anywhere… with anyone *embarrassing* but showed me how to do what I love no matter how crazy you look (she still does this btw)
🐒 My mom, brother and I would watch Star Trek every night and dream into deep space
🐒 She took us to new parks to explore each week and just about every sight seeing spot within the range of a tank of gas
🐒 When my mom caught me talking to my pet fish or waddling around with my imaginary pet duck, she encouraged my creative conversations (and to put the fish back into the water)
🐒 She helped me build a fort house and then twenty-something years later let me live in a bigger fort house in the back yard (to make up for my dog taking over the small one) 🐒 My mom let me transition through about 10 different personality types in 10 years without trying to change me (though sometimes she told me to change my attitude) 

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