Weekly Intentions

This week, I added a new feature to the group classes I teach and am so excited to share them with you!

At the beginning of class, we start by setting our intention inspired by the weekly focus.

To be more intentional with our practice and to make it more real, we are now hand writing our intentions on a piece of paper and keeping it in front of our mat as a reminder throughout the hour. I brought a box to collect intentions others would like to share on here to offer them up to the universe and release their attachment to the outcome.

Below are this week’s intentions.

Thank you for sharing loving kindness to each of the hearts who vulnerably expressed their soul’s desire.


“Pain relief and posture enhancing.”

“Stress relief, physical flexibility, and mind over matter control.”

“Improved physical mobility – joints, back, spine, and sense of flexibility.”

“Sense of confidence in my body’s ability to function well thus allowing me to be physically active.”

“Chill, relax, and no more nightmares! #newmares”

“Wake up and engage with whatever is next.”

“Release unfounded anxiety.”

“I want to have a calm, relaxing day.”

Have a wonderful week.